18 August 2012

We had a meeting up at Gayle beck this morning to fix where the access stiles should go on the new fencing and to inspect the work that the Ribble Trust have been doing all summer. The result is agreement on a a number of stiles including some on existing fences.  This will significantly improve access for members to some of the best beats on the River above Selside.  The stiles will be engineered to ensure easy access for those less mobile souls and will feature a hand hold above fence height.

I was not there.  I was busy putting the last of this season’s fish into the Tarn and getting a soaking from the steady mizzle into the bargain.  A mix of rainbows and brown trout went in including one brownie of approaching 3 lb in weight.

Everyone then assembled at the lodge where we discussed a plan mooted by another club for a fish breeding venture.  After kicking the idea around for a while a consensus formed around the view that we had no problem with raising a few native fry that could self release into Bransghyll, but breeding fish of takeable size was neither practical or wise.  We have seen the true potential of the river this season when we have decent water and it’s not fish we are short of.  The main challenge is to improve habitat and cover on the river above Horton and this is being progressively addressed by the Ribble Trust and the club.

Later the sun came out and we have had a cracking afternoon and evening.  If the decent weather hold overnight then with very good water in the river fishing tomorrow should be first class.


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