29 April 2008

I have been unobservant.  As many of you will know it's been a few years now since we stocked the Tarn with brown trout.  Experience showed that these fish did less well than their rainbow cousins and actually reduced the catch rate for a good few days after they were put in.  Yet it seems that some continue to thrive in the deeper parts of the Tarn and are growing to quite respectable proportions.  It's always nice to see persistence rewarded and I am delighted to see (rather belatedly) that Quin K, one of the real regulars on both river and Tarn caught a 2lb 8oz brownie at the Tarn last Tuesday.  Congratulations Quin your success is well earned.

More good news.  The annual journal of the Wild Trout Trust thudded onto my doormat yesterday morning.  This is packed full of goodies which I will come back to over the next few days as I get to grips with reading them.  Of particular note is a series of articles and scientific papers on the effect of stocking on wild trout populations.  There is much anecdotal evidence about the impact of stocking, but so far little real research has been done.  That's changed with the results of a study funded by the WTT and it delivers some helpful conclusions.  More on this later. 

Also included is an article on riverfly monitoring which is timely given that we will be doing our 6 monthly intensive check in a couple of weeks time.  There is also a lot of lighter reading with stories about fishing for trout in unlikely and exotic parts of the world.

Finally,  It's even stopped raining and we have a sunny, warm and windless morning with the river in good water, just dropping back off a moderate flood.  So the fishing prospects for the Tuesday boys should be good.  Let's see if you can repeat last Tuesday's performance Quin.


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