28 April 2008

Weather wise it's a repeat performance of yesterday morning with light rain and very little wind.  It's warm and the sky seems to be lightening up a bit so maybe it will clear later in the day.  I hope so as I really want to get a new roof on the hen house which is currently sitting on the roof rack of the Nissan.  It does nothing for the aerodynamics of what is already a mobile house brick and the diesel consumption on the way back from collecting it in Halifax yesterday was not good.

Here is a reminder to members that Thursday sees the start of the guest fishing season and it would be good to see a few more prospective members being given an intro to the fishery this year.  In particular the club is keen to encourage youngsters to take up fly fishing so do try to winkle out the younger members of your family, get them away from the computer and out into the fresh air at Horton.

It's always best if you phone me the evening before you plan to bring a guest as then I can have a ticket made out and ready for you.  It saves you hanging about and ensures that I am around to issue the ticket.  Remember also that I now have the salmon tags you will need if you plan to fish for salmon this season.  You may not intend to take any fish, but the tag in your pocket may prove useful if you have to kill a badly hooked fish.


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