26 April 2008

Well, despite the dire forecast that threatened heavy rain it's been a dry and partly sunny day here for the International Mountain race.  I have just got back home at 4.30pm after spending since 8am this morning parking nigh on a thousand cars on New Inn flats and I'm knackered!

I took a break at about 11am and spent half an hour watching a steady hatch of olives just above New Inn bridge.  This brought on a good rise of trout all nervously feeding on the hatching fly.  The takes were snatched, no casual, lazy sipping.  This is a busy spot by the bridge and the fish are always very wary.

The swallows were out in force hawking flies over the water, but the kingfisher who often fishes here in the evening did not show.

The race itself seems to have been a great success with some good if not record times set in ideal conditions by a field of some of the best mountain runners in the world.  I have never heard so many varied languages in Horton; Russian, Slovak, German, French as well as north American accents.  Everything seems to have gone like clockwork which just goes to show if you want something done properly get a team of Tykes to do it!


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