25 April 2008

I was up at the Tarn late yesterday afternoon and the peace was perfect.  The swans were tucked down on their nest and the cob only bothered to raise his head to see who it was.  I stood for some time watching a curlew circling Tarn pasture, wheeling in the still air and emitting the call that's so evocative of the Dales.  A flight of oystercatchers went over piping as they went towards the river and there were trout heading and tailing out by the north bank.

I replaced the old sign by the bent metal stile with something that looks as if the place is cared for and we mean business and I put a new bottle of gas in the hut since the days are still cold enough to warrant the stove being lit.

The register suggests that fishing yesterday was not easy with most takes happening in the last hour before the Thursday mob left.  But the fish that were taken were worth the wait.  I suspect that the heavy rain that fell during the morning delayed the fish coming on to feed.

Do remember that unless you are coming up to watch the fell race tomorrow Horton village is a place best avoided.  The roads between Ribblehead and Birkwith will be busy with folk going to or from the race and there will be in excess of 2000 people invading the village during the day.  The Tarn will be peaceful as usual as will the river north of Newhouses, but fishing between Horton and Helwith Bridge is likely to be a spectator sport.

I am on car parking duty from dawn  tomorrow morning and by the river just keeping an eye on things so no posting until tomorrow afternoon.

Do take a look at Warren Slaney's blog entry for yesterday.  It just shows that the law when effectively applied can be used to deter poachers although I doubt if Settle police would be as co-operative as their counterparts in Buxton.


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