22 April 2008

I spent an absorbing hour or so up at Turn Dub yesterday doing an invertebrate check at this site for the first time since December.  You may recall that my plan was to sample here in mid January the day after I bust my leg so I haven't managed to get to this site since.

The good news is that all is healthy.  I got a very good haul of BWO as well as the usual big catch of heptagenia.  I was really pleased to see the abundance of other species less common at New Inn.  Gammerids were well represented and stonefy turned up in all the samples.  In fact the overall results probably under represent the true picture of the food species available to our trout here as I sampled right across the river including the unpromising back eddys and almost dry margins.  If the samples had all been taken from the fast flowing runs where the fish are feeding then the results can be multiplied at least four times and results for stoneflies, gammerids and caddis possibly more as they were plentiful in the fast flowing deep water.

The full results are attached in an excel file.  As usual, just click on the paperclip below.

The Tarn seems to be fishing well now and a check of the returns posted in the hut shows a ratio of visits to catches well up to normal despite the difficult weather. 

Speaking of which it's a rather cloudy morning with a light easterly breeze which again feels a little warmer than it did last week. Given the number of BWO nymphs in the river at present there should be a good hatch later today in sheltered spots.

I took the opportunity to have  a quick look at the trees we put in last year at Turn Dub and am pleased to say that most if not all seem to have survived the winter floods and are now beginning to break into bud.  It will not be too many years before we have some good shelter and cover on this run.

I am planning on attending the RFCA meeting at Clitheroe tonight so more on this tomorrow.


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