21 April 2008

It's really not too bad a morning here in the valley.  The wind is still in the east (what a surprise), but it has moderated somewhat and it feels appreciably warmer.  There is a fair bit of cloud cover giving a rather diffused light that should be good for fishing.  The river is quite low now, but still in good water and running clear and clean.

Some hardy souls did brave the rather arctic winds at the Tarn over the weekend and the fish responded quite well so it looks as if the dire experience of the first couple of weeks is now behind us (touch wood).

The good news this morning is that I had an email yesterday telling me to release the map of the fishery that we have spent some weeks in preparing.  I have incorporated all the amendments received and tidied up both maps a bit.  It now goes to the Hon Sec for eventual distribution, but I will leave a few copies in the hut and I have posted a copy on the secure area of this  blog for members to download.  If you can't access the secure area just email me and I will set up access.

There are three files, a word document which is the covering notice which contains a few handy hints and 2 jpeg files which are the maps covering the fishery above and below Horton.  You can of course blow up the jpegs to whatever size best suits your eyesight and print them off in sections.

Do tell me if you find the maps useful or not and what additional info we should include in future issues.

By the way, Warren Slaney has restarted his excellent blog which includes some super video recordings of feeding trout on the Wye and Lathkill rivers as well as osprey and much else.  Just click on the 'Waterlines' link to the right.


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