27 September 2007 Supplementary

I have just had a call from Paul B (Crayfish Paul).  His yellow Labrador bitch had pups back in July and he has two remaining (one dog & one bitch) who need good homes.  Paul tells me that these are really solid chunky pups who already have a good retriever instinct and would make super sporting dogs.    If anyone is interested or knows someone who is interested in acquiring the perfect country dog then either phone or email me (0172 860394).

Here is  what Paul has to say about his pups.

Thanks very much for putting a word
in the blog about the Lab pups.  I've just two left, almost 9 weeks old, and
ready to go.  The bitch (pictured walking) was due to go down to Peterborough,
but her new owner gave backword yesterday evening.  The dog I was really going
to keep myself, along with a bitch, just because I like him so much.  But a dog
and two bitches just can't work, and I'll have to let him go too.  So both for
sale, with fine championship pedigrees, hip & eye certs, and both parents
have strong retrieving instincts.  I've put them in the Yorkshire Post for five
days from Friday, so they'll go soon.  But it'd be nice to see them go to
someone I might see again up the Dale one day. Their Sunday names are
“Borransdale Honeysuckle” and “Borransdale Spruce”.



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