27 September 2007

Yesterday was a classic example of why one should always be cautious when offering a weather prediction. Yes, it stayed bright for most of the day but what was not evident at 8 am was just how strong and bitterly cold the wind would get by mid day.  We had a stiff north wind that seemed to wick away any warmth as soon as you stepped outside.  Not good for fishing or for feeding trout.  We still have a very cod north breeze this morning mixed with showers and a fairly leaden sky so fishing on either the river or the Tarn will be a challenge.

I carried on trying to identify the host of invertebrates that were observed here back around 1900 and I think I've got about 90% of them with a few question marks.  The few that I can't find in any of the old books are:

Juniper Beetle, Plover Dun, Dotteral Dun, Black Dun, Orange Brown, Spotted Drake, White legged Dun, Coral eyed Drake, Grey Dun, Fringed Dun, Black Spinner, White Starling, Golden Legged Beetle, Light Pied Dun, Little Brown Dun And Blue Drake.

If you can identify these naturals and offer a Latin name please do email me.

The latest Spiders Plus newsletter landed in my email box this morning.  It's been some time since I mentioned Phil Holding's site which offers both tied spider patterns and the materials to tie your own.  Do take a look at his latest offers.  Now is the time to stock up ready for next season and replace those ragged scraps that have served so well these past few months.

Remember that there will be nothing from me now until next Tuesday morning as I'm off to take a look at the River Dart where I saw my first ever salmon 50 years ago.


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