23 September 2007

I'll try and get this finished before we lose power for the rest of today!  The bankside check I did at New Inn was very revealing and just shows to what extent prevailing conditions can influence results.  My notebook shows that in a 3 minute check from just downstream of the bridge to a point about 10 yards upstream the following were found.
Stonefly 0
Ephemereridae 1
Cased caddis 10+
Caseless caddis 1
Ephemerellidae 5+
Baetis 20+
Heptagenia 50+
Gammerid 2
water snail 2
Bullhead 1
Worms 10+
Small water beetle 10+

This was a much better haul than we got from the same spot a fortnight ago and has left me feeling much more cheerful about the health of the river at New Inn.  I think that in future we should time our main checks to coincide with a fall from flood.  The volume of water clearly has an influence on how well kick sampling works and a good flow is obviously needed to get the beasties out of the substrate and into the net.

I noticed a couple of fishing related stories in the paper yesterday.  The first is that women recovering from mastectomy are increasingly being encouraged by their oncologists to take up fly fishing.  Apparently the actions involved in casting encourage speedy recovery by increasing the flow of blood to the muscles around the breast area. 

The second is a story recounted by Chris Yeats about a favourite rod.  Apparently Chris prefers to fish using a split cane rod and his favourite is a an old chubb rod which he calls the bishop.  He was recently invited to fish in Norway and took this particular rod with him as it serves well as a light salmon rod.  On arrival at the main airport in Norway he was dismayed to find that his rod was no longer with his baggage.  After some intervention by his Norweigan host the rod was found to be on its way to Sweden, unaccompanied.  At this point he had to rush to get an internal flight but shortly before takeoff the pilot informed passengers that they would be delayed for a short while whilst an urgent package was delivered.  Imagine his surprise when this turned out to be his wayward rod.

Can you see BA responding in the same way?  I think not.

Phew!  Just made it.


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