20 September 2007

It rained pretty well all day yesterday so by mid morning the river was in full spate which lasted until late evening.  It's now sopped raining and the river is falling back off spate and losing colour so it should be perfect for salmon late this afternoon if we get no more rain.

The forecast is unsettled with showers predicted for much of the day.  Friday looks a little brighter, but remaining showery.  We had a very stiff south westerly breeze in the night which is abating a bit now so casting will be a little easier on the Tarn for the usual Thursday contingent.  They will have to put up with a bit of disruption this morning as I plan to do the last stocking there at 10.30 today.  This should have been done on 8 September, but has been delayed whilst the supplier got his pick up back on the road.  He tells me that it's still rather temperamental and prone to not start once stopped so we could have fun if the wick goes out whist down by the Tarn.

I had a phone call from Nick Everall who ran the riverfly course for us back in May.  Nick wanted to know how we were getting on and if we had been using the skills he taught us.  It was good to be able to report that we had not only done a further survey which went very well but had been able to involve other members and broaden the spread of knowledge within the club about monitoring techniques.  He seemed pleased that we were making progress and plans to pass on my contact details to Dr Cyril Bennett, one of the leading figures in riverfly monitoring, who is now back in the UK after working in Australia.  This will give us access to some considerable expert advice as and when we need it.

Right, lets go and get these fish in.


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