12 November 2017

We had a great morning yesterday when ten members arrived at the Tarn ready to attack the lodge and put it in condition to survive another Ribblesdale winter.

One team demolished the rotten cladding on the boathouse and replaced this with new timber provided and painted by Michael B.  A second group stripped and painted the window frames inside the lodge whilst a third team did the same work to the outside.  Neil did some upgrading to the electrics that power the cameras and charge the boat battery.  The installation should now be much more robust.  A final pair wrestled with a frying pan and kept everyone liberally supplied with hot drinks and bacon and sausage butties.

The weather was stunning. Clear, windless and not too cold.  It was a working party as of old; good company, plenty of crack and everyone doing their bit to make the morning a great success.

Here are some photos taken by Mike H.



2 November 2017

That’s the end of another fishing season and one during which i have failed miserably to keep up to date with this blog.  Hopefully next year I should do a bit better because the archiving project that’s taken an extraordinary amount of my time over the past two years comes to an end in March thank God.

Its been a pretty good season.  Lots of fine healthy trout in the river, possibly the best ever season for salmon catches and a swan back on the Tarn.

Thanks to the efforts of Council we now have equipment to tackle excessive weed growth in the Tarn and a lot of new stiles have been built along the river up to Horton.

We also welcomed a number of new and enthusiastic members with more lined up for next season.  The Guardian and Yorkshire Post both ran articles about our success in re-wilding the river, helping to encourage natural recruitment of brown trout.

It would be nice to have a calm, cold winter to encourage spawning and kill off some of the Tarn weed.  We shall see.