11 October 2017

After a veritable deluge has fallen today we now bask in glorious evening sunshine.  The river is in majestic flood and has submerged most of the pastures and meadows below Horton.  By tomorrow morning we should have perfect salmon water and a lot of migrating fish.


03 October 2107

Well that’s it for the 2017 trouting season.  After a wet summer the river goes into the closed season in very good condition containing a high number of wild fish and some cold weather around Christmas should encourage these to breed like rabbits.

What’s not in such good form is the crayfish population in the Tarn which appears to have crashed over the past eighteen months.  Council at their last meeting agreed to put in place the groundwork to restore this important element in the Tarn’s ecosystem and to this end PBA will be installing tomorrow a large number of traps in the Tarn to pin down exactly how many (if any) crayfish remain.  The traps will remain in place until the weekend so if you are planning to fish between Wednesday and Sunday please try to avoid the traps.

I understand that there has so far been a dismal response from members to the Hot Pot invite.  Whilst I’m quite happy to spend all evening chatting to local landowners I can do that most days so a few other MAA members attending would be really nice.  It’s a good opportunity for new members to meet and chat to the farmers they may bump into whist fishing.