23 June 2017

A quick update on conditions here.  It’s been raining most of the day, not heavily, but steadily so the river should be in good water tomorrow.

Gavin tells me that the batteries that drive the electric outboard are not charging well so do be warned that if you use the boat with the motor you may need to row back to the lodge.  The problem will be investigated when Gavin gets back from abroad.


19 June 2017

When we eventually get rain and members venture to the river those that fish by the pipe pool will notice that a weather station has been erected just up stream.  his is part of the data logging equipment that’s recording water and ambient temperatures as part of the programme to better understand how best to reduce water temperature in high summer.  It’s best left alone.

The Tarn was stunning in early morning sunlight yesterday.  For once my early morning foray to the Tarn found a member busy tempting trout to breakfast.  He must have arisen at the crack of dawn and his excuse was that it was Fathers’ Day.

The Tarn is not fishing badly despite the strong sunlight and high temperatures.  The water has not yet reached tepid so the trout are still surface feeding early morning and late evening.  The water is as clear as crystal and it took no time at all for the turbidity stirred up by the weed removal to drop out.

There is just a chance of rain later in the week ‘though probably not enough to bring the river to good fishing condition.


11 June 2017

Having spent much of May wishing for rain we now have almost an embarrassment of riches and it would be nice if it dried up for a bit.  Yesterday was foul (chicken weather !!).  The only bright spot was watching several hundred thoroughly miserable soaking wet Three Peaks walkers tramping through Horton look murderous.  It really can’t have been much fun on the tops.  It wasn’t a great deal of fun here in the valley.

However,  thanks to the deluge the river is in fine fettle and if the stiff breeze that’s presently making it feel more like October ceases overnight there should be good fishing tomorrow.

Be warned that the B6479 through Horton will be closed on 15 and 16 June for resurfacing.  Be prepared for this to go on a good deal longer.  There are still large areas of Newhouses lane waiting for top-dressing that should have been completed on 6 June.


7 June 2017

Most of the resurfacing work on Newhouses lane has been completed.  However, the section from the bench seat half way between New Inn and Newhouses remains to be done tomorrow morning so the lane is likely to be closed to through traffic until lunchtime.

The river is in great form and should remain so for a couple of days so those planning to fish at Horton before the weekend should concentrate on the river.

It’s good to see the boulder in the lower left of the west facing Tarn webcam now almost covered.  Its not been in that state for around three months.  The Tarn should be getting a good flush out.


6 June 2017

Roadworks have commenced this morning despite the rather inclement weather.  The lane is best avoided because nothing much is getting past the planer and surfacer working between Newhouses and Birkwith.  My guess is that the lane from Newhouses to New Inn will be tackled tomorrow.

The river is in very good nick.


5 June 2017

The major road works that should have commenced on the lane today didn’t because of the monsoon that’s been soaking the valley all day.  whether these works have been postponed seine dei or just ’till later in the week is a subject for conjecture.  I’ll keep you posted.

The good news is that the rain has raised the very to very good fishing condition with plenty of water running under the west arch at New Inn bridge.  Be warned though, the forecast is for very blustery conditions on Wednesday so casting could result in some rather intemperate language if fishing near trees.




1 June 2017

A prolonged shower last evening has kept the river in reasonable nick so there should be decent fishing tomorrow.  I learn that yesterday morning fish were rising to fly all along the river below Horton.

Members who have fished the Tarn since the weed was reduced report that the work has resulted in much improved fishing with fish taking damsel fly nymph and feeding voraciously.  It would seem that stirring things up a bit has given the resident rainbows and browns a shot in the arm (fin).

I reported a while ago on a project to determine the impact of warm water on the health and recruitment of brown trout.  The aim is to find evidence based methods to reduce water temperature.  In the next few weeks several data loggers will be installed along the river to measure a number of metrics including weather and water temperature.  The main station will be on the outside of the bend just above the pipe pool.  This will not interfere with fishing, but it’s best given a bit of room if you are fishing off that bank.