28 October 2016

A quick update on conditions here at Horton for those members still keen to land a last salmon.  It rained very hard last night and so the river is once again flowing through both arches at New Inn bridge.  This is no flood.  However, there may just be enough water to lift fish up the Foss and on towards Horton.



18 October 2016

We have had a fair drop of rain here today so the river is lifting off the bare bones condition its been in for a week or so.  The forecast is for drier conditions tomorrow, but if rain continues overnight there may be just enough water to lift a few salmon up to Horton.

I received a wonderful email from a member who has just completed his first season on the river.  This tells of considerable success with our wild brownies and tells me what was caught, how many and where they were caught.  If all members supplied similar information we would soon build a very detailed picture of the fishery enabling us to make more evidence based judgements on there way in which the river is managed and developed.

So far this week the tally is hens nil, fox 2.  So that’s two less to raid my hen house.


9 October 2016

There was a very good turn out on Friday for the annual supper and everyone seemed to enjoy the event.  We filled the dining room at the Crown after filling the bar and many pint glasses.

We have a sever fox problem here at present.  To date I have lost 1 cockerel, three hens and a duck.  All were taken in broad daylight either mid morning or mid afternoon.  At first I found it hard to believe that a fox would venture close to the house in daylight, but now there can be no doubt that Reynard is to blame.  I let the remaining poultry out as usual at 7.45 and all was well.  At eight I went to the Tarn for half an hour and on return found myself short of a duck and a hen. I found the body of the duck minus its head at the bottom of the croft.  The Fantastic Mr Fox is going to meet with a serious bloody accident.

The forecast gives no promise of rain for at least a week so salmon fishing is unlikely to be productive on a river that’s approaching bare bones.  The Tarn too seems to be unproductive at present.  Three members fished last week and all blanked.  I have never known a week when fishing has taken place and no fish have been caught.  Weird.


1 October 2016

I’m just back from showing an enthusiastic prospective new member the fishery and assessing his suitability.

Spent quite a while watching the small flock of whooper swan that is catching its breath on the Tarn after arriving probably from Iceland.  Wonderful sight.