30 July 2015

Basked in glorious evening sunshine and replete with decent water the fishery is in stonking form this evening and should provide good fishing well into tomorrow.

I was at the Tarn first thing this morning checking up on a probable sighting of a hunting mink.  I saw nothing untoward, but the reported sighting is highly credible so I will take appropriate measures to try to rid the Tarn of this pest.  We have a large family of young mallard duck on the Tarn as well as something that dives into the reed bed whenever I try to get a good look at it.  I’m hopeful that the latter may be a return of the dabchick or little grebe a species I have not seen on the Tarn for several years.

It would be a great shame to lose these to an alien predator.  Please do let me know if you see anything that looks mink like over the coming days.


29 July 2015

After a bright start today rain has once again set in keeping the river at a decent level.  There is almost no wind so any member planning to fish either this evening or tomorrow will find conditions benign if they don’t mind a wetting.

Neil has fully updated the look of the main Association website to vastly improve the look and navigation.  The content has been revised in places and it now offers a much more modern feel compatible with smart phone access as well as traditional pc browsers.

Do take a look at manchester-anglers  and let us know what you think of the new design.


28 July 2015

The great news is that the river is, for the first time in weeks, in stonking form after a day of heavy rain.  It’s carrying a colour at present, but this should drop out overnight as levels fall so with the weather clearing to give late sunshine conditions this evening and tomorrow should be excellent.

Check the Settle weircam via the link I posted yesterday for more up to date info on water levels.


27 July 2015

Its been raining cats and dogs here all afternoon and as a result the river is just beginning to show signs of lifting.  My hope is that the rain will continue for several hours yet to give the fishery a really good flush through and restore some semblance of decent fishing.

You can now once again keep an eye on the condition of the river at Settle weir because the weircam is up and running.  I have restored the link to the camera from the member’s website, but it’s freely available at this link settlehydro.

The same individual has now caught and returned two of the big rainbows I put into the Tarn earlier this month.  I’m not sure if this is to do with technique, fly used or personal pheromones, but no doubt Neil will reveal his secret for a small consideration.


25 July 2015

Like many angling associations membership fluctuates over time and at present we seem to be at a fairly low point in the cycle.  The reasons for lack of members is, I suspect, fairly complex, but include the difficulties in introducing youngsters to the art of fly fishing due in part to restrictions imposed by child protection legislation, an aging membership profile which means that when old anglers fall off the perch they are not readily replaced and above all just too many other distractions that provide more instant gratification.

Introducing youngsters who are not immediate family members is now nigh on impossible as one needs a disclosure and barring certificate to have close contact with youngsters.  Even with the cert it’s a problem as the cert is only applicable in the context in which it was issued.  I have an enhanced cert issued in relation to my work with PBA, but this is not automatically transferable to any child contact I may have with MAA.

Where is this leading? You may ask.  to the good news that we have just secured two new (adult) members who are both active.  This will not necessarily increase our membership numbers over time as I know that at least two present members will be unable to continue next year due to having seen just too many winters. There remains the issue of what should be done about getting youngsters fishing.  Thoughts would be welcome.


22 July 2015

A damp and dismal day has turned into a golden evening with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.

I have just spent an hour and a half with a prospective Association member at New Inn watching fish rise in the Garden pool and swallows hawking fly on the water.  Despite the river being at its lowest it looked in great form and gave a good account of itself as did the prospective member.  I’m meeting another on Friday.

I wondered how long it would take for one of the big rainbows that I put into the Tarn on Friday to take an offered fly.  The answer came today in the form of a grinning Neil with a four and a half pound rainbow trout clutched against his chest. It’s gone back in so lives to provide another member with a similar opportunity.

This is it so that you can recognise it (the trout, not Neil).


19 July 2015

I was up at the Tarn first thing this morning for a check on the fish that went in on Friday and to do a spot of de-crudding of the lodge.  The fish are fine and seem to have dispersed well although there were no rises probably due to the rather choppy water conditions in a stiff south-west breeze.

The duck family were out for a paddle, but shot off into the reed bed as soon as they saw me.

The lodge now looks (and smells) a little fresher.  It beats me why members can’t wipe up spilled coffee and wipe down the fish measurer after use.  There is a paper towel dispenser and an unlimited supply of water outside so the task is not difficult.  I suppose the domestic Goddess does the cleaning at home.

Whilst I’m having a rant can members also remember to plug in the outboard motor battery charger after returning the boat.  I found the charger unplugged this morning and the battery almost flat.  It’s unfair on other members to have no use of the outboard due to the previous users carelessness. I know who the culprit(s) were this time!

Do let me know how you get on with those 4lb rainbows that went in on Friday.



17 July 2015

I put 100 fine fish into the Tarn this morning.  These were mostly rainbow trout around 2lb in weight, but there were at least five rainbows over 4lb and a handfull of blue trout just to spice things up a bit.

I thought that we might have received a fair drop of rain this morning.  However, the black clouds that covered the valley dispersed during the day without shedding anything of consequence and we now have a sunny evening.  It’s very breezy still after quite strong winds last night so casting will be a challenge.

The river is now well past its best with hardly a trickle going over Settle weir.  The Garden pool looks good though and fish were rising to feed when I stopped off for a look at lunchtime.


15 July 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words or so they say.  So here are two pictures that give some idea of conditions on the river last evening.  You do the maths.


Gavin tells me that:

19 fish total last night by the time I had worked my way up the garden pool All averaging about 10″. Along with my fish Karl and Neil added a further 12 fish to the total again very similar sizes.

After a warm, dry day the river has fallen at least four inches so there are less than perfect conditions here this evening.

Do remember that I’m stocking the Tarn on Friday morning so best to delay arriving until after 9.30.


14 July 2015

A dull and very cloudy start to the day has now given way to a glorious evening.  Fishing conditions on the river are near perfect.  There is a good flow, a touch of colour and just a whisper of a breeze.

I went down to settle late this afternoon to attend an information event on the construction of the new rail head at Arcow quarry.  On the way back I spotted two members busy fishing above and below New Inn bridge.  I stood for some while and watched Gavin winkle trout after trout out of the Garden pool.  None of these fish were big, but half pound brown trout with butter yellow bellies and perfect markings taken on a river in perfect nick under an almost cloudless evening sky with upwinged flies kissing the water make for near blissful fishing.

I managed to capture the scene on my phone and will try to get the images into this blog tomorrow.