31 May 2006

    Still chilly here at Horton, but it's bright and sunny with plenty of high broken cloud.  The wind has gone back to the west and is very light this morning so no problems casting.  Water levels are dropping but there is still plenty on the runs and riffles.  No news yet on when DEFRA will lift the movement order on Yorkshire fish farms so no revised dates for stocking the river, but since there is  no shortage of wild fish of a range of sizes there is no adverse affect on fishing potential.


30 May 2006

    This is more like it.  a lovely bright day with plenty of broken cloud.  It's a little chilly at the moment but looks as if it will warm up later so we should get a fly hatch this afternoon.  The river is in great condition with enough water to make all the runs and pools worth fishing.  There continues to be good reports of plenty of wild trout from Dale Mire down to Helwith Bridge and up at Selside and fish of over a pound and a half have been taken and returned.  A salmon was seen on Saturday at the Marker pool so it looks as if we may have a small spring run this year.


29 May 2006

    Up at the Tarn this morning I thought it would be an ideal fishing day, but the cloud is building up and rain is on its way.  Water levels are very good and the wind has dropped appreciably.  Only problem is that its vered round to the north east (with the flow) and is chilly so it will put a bit of a damper on any may fly hatch.


28 May 2006

    Not much to record today.  The river is looking good with water levels falling to very fishable conditions.  It's bright and sunny with broken cloud but blowing a south westerly at some strength at the moment so casting will be a challenge.  There were good reports of fishing yesterday from Selside down to Helwith Bridge with plenty of rises and takes in double figures (all returned as they were all native fish in very good condition).

The swans on the Tarn hatched 6 cygnets on 23 May but all have vanished.  This needs further investigation as we either have a mink or fox problem that will need tackling.

The put and take limit on the Tarn has been raised to 6 fish but see the notice in the lodge for more details.

I now have the go ahead to begin work on a number of conservatioon projects so watch out for more info over the next few weeks.


27 May 2006

    What is it they say about the affairs of mice and men?  I think it applies particularly to River Keepers as does Mr Sod's well known law that states if anything can go wrong it will.  We get our restocking fish for the river from a farm at Pickering on the river Ouse and at 10 pm last night the Environment Agency placed a movement order on all fish farms in the Ouse catchment.  It seems that one farm has tested positive for BHS and until the source is identified most of Yorkshire is under a ban on fish movements.

So be it.  It's vital that we don't import any risk of disease into this pristine and beautiful river here at Horton.

On a lighter note, we had no rain last night so water levels have dropped appreciably with the water the colour of weak tea.  There is high cloud cover, its warming up and the wind is fairly light so fishing should be good today.


26 May 2006

    I'm not sure just how useful this facility will be, but as a trial I will post up some info that members and others may find of interest. 

For MAA members with internet access It might be of help if I post here the river conditions on a day to day basis so that you can arrive at Horton with some idea of the fishing conditions pertaining.  I would welcome  suggestions for content from those members who do access this blog.  Remember that I can post up files as well as pictures.
We will stock the river tomorrow at suitable points from Dale Mire down to Cragg Hill.  As in previous years all stock fish will be marked in the usual way so they should be easy to identify. 

At the moment the river is high but fishable.  It's fairly warm with a light sw breeze (against the flow) and there is a fine mizzle falling that won't affect the level much.   This is forcast to clear up by early afternoon.  There was a good fly hatch this morning.

It would be good to see members at the Horton Gala on 3 June.  We wil be running our usual 'guess the weight of the fish' competition so it's a good chance to prove that fishermen don't exagerate and an oportunity to get your hands on that big rainbow that always eludes you in the Tarn.