13 July 2012

We spent all day running round the fishery taking invert and water samples for analysis over the next few days.  Five sites were visited on bot Cam and Gayle becks and a quick look at the material that went into the collecting pots suggests that there are good representations at each site of the families of inverts I normally check for.

The detailed analysis now follows so that by the end of next week we should have a good understanding of the pattern of riverfly life in July for most of the upper fishery.

The weather was unusually kind.  No rain, a light westerly breeze and some sunshine in fits and starts.

All the fencing and tree planting work that the Ribble Trust are completing is most impressive.  The lower end of Cam beck is beginning to show very good vegetation growth and most of the willow stakes that were driven in to stabilise the banks are showing signs of growth.  This length up from Nanny Carr’s will be a sylvan coridor in short order.

On Gayle Beck the new fence at Gawber is already allowing vegetation growth both on the bank and in the river margins.  There are good clumps of water buttercup that I have not seen here before.  Mind you, the fence has proved to be not entirely lamb proof as we found two small bleaters running up and down the wrong side of the fence.

This are a is scheduled for tree planting at the back end of this year and if the results are as impressive as on Cam we should see significant change in the trout holding capacity of this beat.